Welcome to

No Panic

(Sutton & Merton)

"There is hope, you can overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias."

Who we are

No Panic (Sutton & Merton) is a self-help group that provides support to people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Support meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays from 2pm - 3.30pm. The group exists to offer people support for their anxieties by talking to fellow sufferers and helping them to live a more positive life.

Self-help means mutual support provided by members of a group who share anxiety-based problems, and who have come together to pool their knowledge and experiences to help them find their own solutions. We do not think in terms of "curing people", but more in terms of people being helped to help themselves.

Further information on our self-help group meetings can be found on our Support page.

Jean Bevan

Development Worker & Founder

Jean set up the charity in 1997 after being told that there was no support for people who suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. When enquiring about a self-help group, the response was that if she wanted one she would need to start it herself - so she did! Jean worked tirelessly in Sutton, and for a while in Merton, promoting the group and the support it offered. Jean sadly passed away in 2019, she was a well respected member of the Voluntary Sector Community and will be missed by many.

If you would like further information on our group please get in touch.